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Pac Tech - Packaging Technologies is a worldwide leader in both Wafer Level Bumping & Packaging Services and Advanced Packaging Equipment Manufacturing.

Pac Tech has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has manufacturing sites all around the world, including: Germany, United States, Japan, and Malaysia. These sites can supply both engineering and prototyping services, as well as high volume production.

Pac Tech is structured to provide a single source for all Contract Bumping and Wafer Level Packaging Services, as well as providing turn key Advanced Packaging Equipment.

The core technologies that Pac Tech offer are centred around Electroless Nickel/Gold Bumping and Laser Based Solder Deposition (services and equipment).

Pac Tech's philosophy is to integrate its leading technology developments into high quality equipment for high volume production.

Contract Manufacturing Services
Electroless Ni(Pd)Au, Solder, WLP & Backend

Advanced Packaging Equipment Manufacturing 
Wafer Level Bumping & Backend

Pac Tech's Electroless Nickel Technology is recognized throughout the industry as the highest quality process. The technology portfolio includes: Ni/Au and Ni/Pd Under-Bump-Metallization (UBM) for solder bump attach. Thin Ni/Au and Ni/Pd/Au is applied for pad re-metallization (OPM) in high reliability wirebonding and wirebonding over active pad. The NiPd (Au) OPM is compatible with both Gold and Copper wirebonding. Tall  Ni/Au bumps are used for ACF and ACA flip chip attach. Pac Tech offers plating services on both Aluminum and Copper Pads, as well as plating on 100, 150, 200, and 300mm wafers.  The process allows plating on Si, GaAs, InP, and LiTaO3 substrates.

We offer processes for solder bump deposition including Wafer Level Solder Ball Attach using Pac Tech's Ultra-SB² System in addition to traditional solder paste printing. Laser Assisted Solder Jetting with PacTech's SB² Jet is applied for maskless fast prototyping and special products including fluxless, 3D and low / high temperature solder alloys. The combination of these technologies allows us to provide the widest product range to our customers; servicing the ASIC, Foundry, Military, Medial, Aerospace, Consumer, Memory, MEMS, Probe Card, and Disc Drive industries. 

As a full service provider, Pac Tech offers a complete set of Wafer Level and Backend Services, including: Sawing / Dicing, Tape & Reel, Redistribution, Repassivation, Backside Laser Marking, Backgrinding, Backside Metal Deposition / Coating, Test, and Wafer Level Component / Capacitor / Resistor Assembly.

A special highlight is our turnkey service for PowerMOSFET Devices. We provide one-stop offering of Frontside Metallization based on e'less Ni/Au and Backside  Metallization by Ti/Ni/Ag evaporation.  

In addition, Pac Tech has the latest in metrology and analytical equipment to help in the development and production processes, including: X-ray, Bump / Die Shear Test, High Speed Pull Test, AOI, ICP, AA, Probing, SEM / FIB / EDX and Chemical Analysis.

Pac Tech provides state-of-the-art automated equipment to the Wafer Level Packaging and Backend industries. This equipment is divided into three separate platforms: e-Ni/Au Plating, Solder Bumping, and Backend Assembly.

The cornerstone to Pac Tech's equipment offering is the fully automatic electroless nickel plating line
(PACLINE™ Series 200 and 300).  This sytem allows for processing 100-300mm wafer with Ni, Pd, and Au at volumes of over 600,000 parts per year. In addition, Pac Tech offers the peripheral equipment associated with electroless plating, including: plasma clean (PlasPac), resist and dielectric coating (SpinPac), megasonic solvent cleaning (MegaPac).

Pac Tech offers two different equipment platforms for depositing solder on top of the e-Ni/Au UBM.  These include the
Laser Assisted Solder Jetting (SB²) tools  and the Solder Sphere Transfer (Ultra-SB²) tools. The laser based tool is ideal for prototyping and low volume bumping applications like MEMS, Military, and Medical, but also for special bumping applications like: single die, probe cards, substrates, and disc drive heads. The solder transfer tool is ideal for high yield and high volume bumping applications.

To facilitate a full turn key solution to their equipment line, Pac Tech offers a full set of additional equipment for Wafer Level Packaging and Backend applications, including: laser based assembly tools
LAPLACE™ FC and WLP, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI HS³) and Laser Marking (LS²).

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