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K&S 4523/6 Manual Wedge Bonder


      4523/6 Manual Wedge Bonder
  • Model 4526 has motorised table making available 'Auto Step-Back' / Reverse Motion / Lange Coupler Mode
  • Available in 30/45 or 90 (Vertical Feed) configuration
  • Designed for Aluminium wire, Gold wire and Gold or Aluminium Ribbon (Vertical feed only)
  • Offers control of individual bond parameters
  • 90 option ideal for deep cavity microwave and/or Ribbon applications


  • One bonding head for deep access and standard bonding
  • Consistent tail length with real time fine adjust
  • Large bonding area
  • Easy operation



4523/6 Wedge Bonder Specifications

Wire Gold = 12.5 to 75 Aluminium = 20 to 75 Gold Ribbon = option up to 25 X 250m Spool = "
Bonding Area 134 X 134mm (5.3 X 5.3 inch)
Throat Depth 143mm (5.6 inch)
Gross Table Motion 140mm (5.5 inch)
Fine Table Motion 14mm (0.55 inch)
Mouse Ratio 6:1
Motorized Y (4526 only) Step back up to 4mm Reverse up to 0.25mm Kink Height up to 0.5mm
Z-Motion System DC servo/LVDT control
Z Travel Low Reset 6.6mm
Z Travel High Reset 12.7mm
Ultrasonic System High Q 60kHz transducer PLL ultrasonic generator
Low Ultrasonic power 1.3W
High Ultrasonic Power 2.5W
Bond Time 10-100 mSec / 10-1000 mSec
Bond Force Force coil 10-160gr.
Modes of Operation Semi-auto, Manual Z, Stitch, Lange Coupler (4526 only)

4523 Datasheet   4526 Datasheet

Possible Options:

  • Microscopes and eyepieces
  • Fibre optic illumination and spotlight
  • Ribbon clamp (ceramic jaws)
  • 45 Ribbon clamps
  • 90 wire feed angle kit for deep access
  • Manual height adjustable, heated workholders
  • Spot light target

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